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The Consumer Handbook on Tinnitus
Richard S. Tyler, PhD, Editor

REVIEW COMMENT: “Clear talk from renowned tinnitus experts on reducing the devastating impact tinnitus can have on quality of life. Great Second Edition!”
- Robert W. Sweetow, PhD, Director of Audiology
University of California, San Francisco

Tinnitus – believed to be incurable by most people – is actually treatable for most people. This book was compiled by top experts on the cutting edge of tinnitus research. If it isn’t in this book, it probably doesn’t exist. In this book:

  • Top world contributors on tinnitus
  • Gain knowledge of the many common causes of tinnitus
  • Understand common reactions and problems faced by other sufferers
  • Learn how tinnitus is likely represented in the brain
  • Discover different ways you can change your reaction to tinnitus
  • Recognize how communication difficulties are related to Tinnitus
  • Read about how tinnitus affects sleep and what you can do about it
  • Find out ways to increase the quality of your life by taking charge
  • Hear what you should expect from your physician and practitioners
  • Unveil the facts about herbs, supplements and alternative medicines
  • Understand your reaction to loud sounds (hyperacusis)
    Discover how tinnitus fits into your total emotional and spiritual life
  • Uncover sound therapies that work
  • Find out where else help is available
The Consumer Handbook
on Tinnitus (Second Edition)

Hardcover Only: $34.95
ISBN: 13: 9780982578582

The Consumer Handbook on Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids: A Bridge to Healing
Edited by Clinical Audiologist
Richard E. Carmen, Au.D., Doctor of Audiology

  • Find out the impact of aging on hearing
  • Explore the volatile emotions and issues surrounding hearing loss
  • Listen to how experts answer 10 important questions you might ask
  • Discover how hearing aids can transform your life
  • Educate yourself on the best choice of hearing aids
  • Apply ground-breaking research in fitness and exercise for better hearing
  • Read why some people reject hearing aids but how they can work for you
  • Take a few minutes, map your own audiogram, and consider the implications
  • See how better listening and assertiveness can enhance your hearing
  • Read about wireless technologies that solve hearing problems
  • Learn where and how to find the help you need
  • Acquire easy and effective techniques that can address the annoyance of tinnitus


  • “This is the book to get if you’re struggling with hearing loss—accessible and detailed—absolutely indispensable! When people ask me where they can go to learn about hearing loss, this is the first place I’ll tell them.”
    —Richard Einhorn, renowned composer (Voices of Light), record producer (Yo-Yo Ma; New York Philharmonic), film composer (Dead of Winter), AND hearing loss advocate. (
  • “This book is clear guidance for individuals with hearing loss as they begin their transformative journey to better hearing and an improved quality of life.”
    —Erin L. Miller, Au.D.,  President, 2014, Amer. Acad. of Audiology; Professor, Univ. of Akron
The Consumer Handbook
on Hearing Loss &
Hearing Aids

ISBN: 978-0-9825785-6-8
 Hard Cover $24.95
NOW JUST $7.49
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How Hearing Loss Impacts Relationships
Motivating Your Loved One
Richard E. Carmen, Au.D., Doctor of Audiology
  • At last families of loved ones with untreated hearing loss can know they are not alone and what options are available
  • Discover what lies behind resistance to treatment of hearing loss and the many layers to this problem beyond stigma and vanity alone
  • Learn about your own feelings and how they affect your loved one’s resistance
  • Read how depression and anxiety affect loved ones with untreated hearing loss and how you can create positive changes
  • Recognize and honor the basic rules of communication
  • Understand the impact of co-dependence
  • Find out the difference between reluctance and resistance as well as inaction versus failed action
  • Learn the 10-steps to your loved one’s Independent Hearing
  • Acquire the knowledge that can result in breakthrough solutions

How Hearing Loss
Impacts Relationships

ISBN: 978-09661826-3-4
Soft Cover Only
Price $15.95

Scholars with Autism Achieving Dreams
Lars Perner, PhD., Editor

This book is an anthology of eight inspiring autobiographical journeys about living on the spectrum of autism. All have achieved remarkable academic success despite their challenges, some already with a bestselling book. There's a common myth that living on the spectrum foretells severe disability, failure or worse—institutionalization. This book was published to challenge these notions for families with a son or daughter higher on the autism spectrum. Each contributor's insights and wisdom are evidence of bright, sensitive and successful individuals who have refused to let a diagnosis identify them. They are examples of strength and triumph any of us would be proud to call our own.


Dr. Perner is Assistant Professor of Clinical Marketing at the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California. He’s written extensively on autism issues, including college preparation for individuals on the spectrum, the use of special interests to enhance learning, the “big picture” of autism, and the importance of research to identify autism subtypes.


Scholars with Autism Achieving Dreams

ISBN: 978-0-9825785-3-7
 Hard Cover
: $26.95 NOW JUST $8.09
ISBN: 978-0-9825785-1-3
Soft Cover $19.95:
NOW JUST $5.99
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The Consumer Handbook
on Hearing Loss and Noise

Marshall Chasin, Au. D. Editor

This book is written for the consumer who has suffered hearing loss caused from noise. Many of the chapters have clear strategies that can be implemented to reduce the effects of noise when it cannot be avoided completely.

The two most common causes of hearing loss are presbycusis (hearing loss associated with aging) and noise exposure. While being over the age of 75 is not preventable, hearing loss from noise is preventable. As Dr. Chasin poses in his Introduction, the question becomes, “What can be done today to prevent hearing loss tomorrow?” This book will provide many of the answers sought by those who have endured dangerous noise levels, and will address what you can do today and tomorrow.

  • Learn about the process of how we hear
  • Discover what happens to our ears when we are exposed to noise
  • Read about the many effects that noise can have on the body other than hearing loss
  • Understand the risks you take with recreational noise such as hunting or watching an auto race
  • Incorporate into your life the clear strategies for prevention of hearing loss from noise
  • Understand the reasons why you cannot hear in noisy environments as well as in quiet places
  • Learn how to improve communication in the presence of noise
  • Besides hearing loss, tinnitus is a secondary effect of noise, and often is the first warning sign to possible impending hearing loss
  • Study some suggestions in architectural design and embrace those strategies
  • Some pharmaceuticals have been studied to minimize the effects of noise
  • Examine the health consequences of noise
  • Read about the various standards that have been implemented to minimize the effects of noise on our hearing and well-being
  • Hear from a lawyer-audiologist about your rights as a citizen
The Consumer Handbook
on Hearing Loss and Noise

ISBN: 978-09825785-06
Hardcover Only
Price:$27.95 NOW JUST $8.39
with online code of "AIP27"

Hearing Aids: The First 30 Days
by Jess Dancer, Ed.D.

Your task is to read and interact with 2 pages every day during the first 30 days of your hearing aid trial. Dr. Dancer will be your guide. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience as a Professor Emeritus of Audiology. He’ll provide you with calmness and a pathway of centeredness along your journey, and keep you focused on what matters most. In the process, as Dr. Dancer states, “…You will discover a greater sense of yourself, more independence, perhaps higher self-esteem, less anxiety, and gladly, a greater desire to socialize. The net result of better hearing is many improved relationships, especially among those you love and those who love you.”

2009 Book Review

“Wonderful, wise and witty—(Five Stars!)—the hearing aid version of Life’s Little Instruction Book. This is a gem of a book chock full of technical advice and practical wisdom. From the very first page Dr. Dancer reaches out with warmth and understanding to educate, encourage and enlighten readers as they maneuver through the sometimes awkward first 30 days of wearing hearing aids.
 “The reader-friendly format offers short sections that inform and inspire, integrating a series of discussions and worksheets that help readers to document feelings and celebrate progress. Dr. Dancer’s upbeat and honest approach explains, teaches and soothes, helping readers to understand processes, develop realistic expectations and implement personal strategies for success.
 “This instructive handbook takes new hearing aid wearers on a wonderful journey, offering day-by-day guidance along a clear path to hearing aid acceptance. It should be standard issue with every new hearing aid dispensed.”
Judi Biederman, Editor
ADVANCE for Audiologists

Hearing Aids:
The first 30 days

ISBN: 978-09661826-6-8
Price:$14.95 NOW JUST $4.49
with online code of "AIP27"

Children with Hearing Loss
A Family Guide

Edited By David Luterman D. Ed.
(Auricle Ink Publishers, 200 pages,

Specific topics include:

  • The emotional aspects of hearing impairment
  • The impact of hearing loss on the family
  • Hearing aids and cochlear implants
  • Listening as a gateway to learning in the classroom
  • What parents should know about the educational system

Out of Print

Children with Hearing Loss
A Family Guide

ISBN: 978-09661826-5-1
Soft Cover
Price $16.95

The Consumer Handbook on
Dizziness & Vertigo

Edited by Dennis Poe, MD, Otologist

  • Discover the nature of dizziness
  • Learn the differences between dizziness and vertigo
  • Read about what you can do, often simple things, to improve your life
  • Educate yourself on what normal balance should look like
  • Recognize the importance of your own history and how you present it to your doctor
  • Know what to expect regarding your physical exam and balance testing procedures
  • Discover what medical and neurological conditions cause dizziness
  • Uncover some of the mysteries in Meniere’s disease
  • Find out what medical and surgical treatments are available
  • Recognize how important vestibular rehabilitation is to the healing process
  • Read about the consequences to common falls due to dizziness
  • Discover self-help techniques that can make all the difference in the world
The Consumer Handbook on Dizziness & Vertigo

ISBN: 978-09661826-4-4
Hard Cover Only
Price:$29.95 NOW JUST $8.99
with online code of "AIP27"

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