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The Consumer Handbook on Tinnitus

Whose Problem Is It?

The following questionnaire may help you gain clarity on your own feelings.

Answer Yes or No:

  1. Do you feel angry that your loved one is not getting help?
  2. Do you think you contribute to the problem by your upset?
  3. Does it upset you when you have to repeat yourself?
  4. Do you “fill in the gaps” your loved one doesn’t hear?
  5. Do you resent filling in these gaps?
  6. Do you sometimes comply with your loved one’s request to avoid certain social situations because of the hearing loss and as a result do you resent this?
  7. Do you feel your loved one is vain?
  8. Do you believe your loved one’s self-image (vanity) is more important than his need to hear?
  9. Do you resent this?
  10. Do you think your loved one feels it is more important to maintain the illusion of hearing normally rather than taking positive action to do something about it?
  11. Do you find yourself arguing with your loved one over issues of not hearing?
  12. Do you get frustrated socially when your loved one engages in conversations that result in obvious hearing problems?

YES to any one of the above questions indicates that you certainly have something to resolve. The more YES answers, the more work you have ahead of you. Answering YES to most or all of the questions is enough to raise a red flag. You’re probably in over your head, so it’s a good thing you’re reading this book . . .

There are three easy steps you can take to achieve the success you are looking for. You must decide how they apply in your specific situation. . .