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The Consumer Handbook on Tinnitus


The world in which we live venerates good looks, classy dress, peak sexual performance, the perfect diet, the best workout program, exuberant personalities, radiant health, and that we should all be living a more “Hollywood” lifestyle. Daytime and evening television commercials support these illusions regarding how we ought to live our lives. If you turn on television in the wee hours of the morning, you cannot miss seeing one infomercial after another touting promise for better living.

These kinds of repeated bombardments in advertising can make healthy and psychologically sound people feel guilty and inadequate. If one suffers from a handicap or disability, it can make them feel even worse. The idea portrayed is that we should look our best and give the impression of ideal health. However, this just is not reality.

Most of us think of vanity as a condition to simply “get over,” but vanity can run to the core of a person’s spirit, directing their lives. Research shows that many people who experience vanity feel . . .

Receiving treatment does not only mean your loved one is getting on his feet. It will positively affect the entire family. Kochkin and Rogin13 reported dramatic improvements for the entire family following treatment. Look at the impact you and your loved one can expect: . . .